B80210KDon’t worry. He is not really deceased. He is just making good use of the lawn. The well foliated trees in the distance are a clue that this pictures was not taken recently, although it illustrates the current weather conditions accurately. We all want to be out in it, whether getting lazy in a local park, walking on the beach, or just staying home and working in the garden.

It seems that almost everyone else is contending with less pleasant weather. The summer in much of Australia had been historically hot. Much of Europe got some nasty storms. Parts of the Southeastern United States of America that get snow only on rare occasion got more than they have in recent memory.

We are certainly used to our share of pleasant weather through winter. We can only see snow in the distance on top of Mount Hamilton. Frost only happens a few times through winter. We often get a few consecutive days at of spring weather. What we are not accustomed to is this sort of duration of pleasant weather.

Many years ago, such a long duration of pleasant weather would have been bad for the orchards of the Santa Clara Valley. It would have prompted them to bloom prematurely, only to get the blossoms and developing fruit knocked off by subsequent rain. Although the orchards are gone, many of us still grow similar fruit trees in our home gardens. Apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums, prunes and almonds are all susceptible to premature bloom.

We really could use some wintry weather about now. Rain here with snow in the watersheds of the Sierra Nevada would be the best. Otherwise, cool weather to delay bloom of fruit trees until after the rain would be the second best option.


14 thoughts on “Weather To Die For

      1. Same story for us last winter – we had about a quarter of our usual rainfall which is why we only had enough water to last until mid April. For now, some farmers from the Grabouw area have given Cape Town some of their water, so now, with rationing, we could have enough until mid May but after that, if our winter rains don’t happen, nearly all the municipal taps will be turned off and people will have to queue for water! If that does happen, we’ll have to find the best method for purifying our well point water.

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  1. It looks as if you may get that wish in the next few days. In SoCal, there is rain predicted for Monday through Thursday, with two days heavier than the rest of the week. I hope it won’t create more debris slides in burn areas, but the rain will be good for us!

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      1. Your predictions are quite different from ours — from here, it looks as if the rain will be coming down from the north! It will be interesting to see what happens!

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  2. 48f here today and raining. Our temperatures have been fluctuating for most of the winter so this is not good for our gardens. Like you, snow melt in the spring helps our ground water supply for the summer and fall.

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    1. It is more common in your climate, but should not be as common as it has been in our climate in recent years. Decades ago, such weather was rare. This is the third consecutive year it has happened, and it happened a few years prior as well.

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  3. We’ve still got very warm and humid weather here and are looking froward to Autumn, when we can spend loners spells in the garden. Cheers

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