Again, my six pictures are not from my own garden, which incidentally, is not at all interesting. Instead, these pictures are from the biggest site I work at. It is many acres, with some very big features.
1. Big lawns are acres of turf. The kid in front of the building in the distance shows how big the building and lawn is. This is the biggest of three big lawns.P80217
2. Big trees are very common here. These are coastal redwoods. There are also big Douglas firs and ponderosa pines.P80217+
3. Big water features are not constructed backyard fountains or koi ponds. This is Bean Creek, which flows into Zayante Creek less than half a mile away. It is more than a hundred feet below where the picture was taken.P80217++
4. Big shovels are necessary for working in such big gardens.P80217+++
5. Big garden sheds and big garden carts made by Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet are also very important.P80217++++
6. Big insects are quite at home in such big gardens.P80217+++++
This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:

19 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Big League

    1. I really do not know what it is. I believe it is a cecropia moth, Hyalophora cecropia. We know them only as gypsy moth; but they are not really gypsy moths. Although rare, and usually limited to where the maple trees are, several have dropped into our yard from the ponderosa pines above.


    1. Actually, the gardens are very minimal. We have a grove of nice big rhododendrons that need only minimal work. We really try to let the natural forest do the landscaping for us, with only a few added features like dogwoods, flowering cherries, azaleas, hydrangeas and so on. The lawns are a big part of the work. Anyway, there are only two of us for the whole area. There is a third who maintains the roads, bridges and trails. He sometimes helps us. The creeks take care of themselves. Mud slides are frequent, and often destabilize huge redwoods, which is a problem at times. Besides the two main creeks, there are small brooks that flow from springs. They actually take more work because they flow through landscaped areas.

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      1. It’s beautiful! It sounds as if you’ve designed grounds that are pretty easy to take care of, except perhaps for the creeks and any damage they may do. Looks ideal for the venue!

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      2. I did not design them. Some of the grounds were developed in 1906, and the landscape has been evolving and expanding since then. Much of what we do is simple (ha ha) ‘vegetation management’, which shows off the forest trees better. The best parts of the landscapes are the natural features.

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      3. Oh, ok — but I do agree with you that the best parts of landscapes are usually the natural parts — this sounds lovely, though, and I’m sure the work you do enhances that!

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    1. It is actually not as much work as it looks like. Mowing the big lawns takes a long boring time, but is not too much work. Most of the landscaped area is rather unrefined, so we do not even need to be neat and clean about it.

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