70301It is known more as a small to mid-sized shade tree that produces edible nuts, but almond, Prunus dulcis, also blooms magnificently as soon as the weather allows. Actually, it often blooms a bit earlier than it should. Nut production can be ruined if rain dislodges blossoms or developing nuts. The profuse white flowers are small but slightly larger than those of other related stone fruit trees.

Yes, almond is the same genus as apricot, cherry, plum, peach and the other stone fruits. The fruit is actually very similar, but instead of developing into sweet flesh, it merely forms a hull that dries and separates from the nut within. The nuts are the large seeds or stones, like peach pits that can be eaten. Hulled but unshelled almond nuts are about one or two inches long. Because the nuts get shaken from trees instead of picked, trees can be allowed to get about two stories tall.


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    1. Yes, but very light. I can remember that almond orchards had fragrance. However, the fragrance of an individual tree is minimal, and only if the weather is just so.


    1. The mild climates here are the best for it. I can certainly tolerate colder winters; but any late frost or cool rain will ruin the flowers or developing nuts. Also, the nuts do not develop as well if summers are too cool.

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    1. Many of the home garden varieties do not require a pollinator. Some of the orchard varieties need to be pollinated by another variety. The flowers are wind pollinated, but crop better if also pollinated by bees. Many pollinating insects like them. The flowers do not seem to be designed for any one particular pollinator except for the wind.


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