P80303KThere really is such a thing as too much grapefruit. I know; I have witnessed it more than once.

The most recent occasion was two years ago. We were pruning a few fruit trees for a client in San Jose. One of the trees was an old fashioned ‘Marsh’ grapefruit, which happens to be my all time favorite grapefruit.

As we were pruning, the client was dragging brush away to curbside recycling. Most of our clients prefer to do the ‘cleanup’ to save money. The client asked me if I would like some of the fruit. Of course, surplus fruit is one of the many benefits of our work; and of course, I told the client that I would be pleased to take some of the excellent grapefruit. I then went back to work on a nearby persimmon tree.

While busy with the persimmon tree, I was unaware of what the client was doing with the grapefruit. I knew that there was quite a bit of it. She and her sister bagged it and took it out front. From there, they loaded as much of it as they could into the little Blazer (Roy, the ‘Bravada’. It is a long story. I will explain later.). By the time I finished, the Blazer was FILLED with bagged grapefruit! I really should have gotten a picture.

There was no way I could eat or share all that grapefruit before most of it went bad. However, it would have been rude to leave the fruit there after they had so nicely loaded it into the car. Naturally, I ate a lot of grapefruit. It was excellent! The good news is that I really was able to share all that I could not eat or juice. None of it was wasted.

9 thoughts on “Too Much Grapefruit

  1. This phenomenon is common in Australia too- I only wish other citrus were as prolific as grapefruit. Grapefruit marmalade is delicious, but unfortunately only a very small number of grapefruit is required to makes relatively large quantity of marmalade!

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    1. When I grew citrus in the early 1990s, I wanted make marmalade with various other varieties besides the ‘Seville’ sour orange, but did not consider grapefruit. It has a pungency that I would not think would work well for marmalade.


    1. Sharing is great; but might have been easier if there was not so much to share. When I was a kid, I had to drop off bags of those big squishy ‘Hachiya’ persimmons for the neighbors. I tried to do it while they were away so that they would not have me take some of them back. If they caught me doing it, they might take one bag. If I was more sneaky about it, I could leave two or three.

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