There is way too much blooming for me to keep up with. Because I know there will be less blooming through summer, I get pictures while I can, even if I can not use them right away. Consequently, these pictures are not exactly from this last week. Some were from the second phase of bloom, and the first picture is from the first and only phase of bloom of a rose that blooms only once annually. I suppose I could have gotten pictures of the other five this last week, but I wanted to get them earlier than later, just in case they were between phases when I wanted to get the pictures.

Roses do very well here, and are even happier in the warmer and more arid weather of the Santa Clara Valley, just a few miles away. The Santa Clara Valley is one of the best places in the world for roses, which is why the Heritage Rose Garden is located there. Sadly, that collection is presently not in very good condition.

1. ‘Doctor Huey’ is the only cultivar of these six that I can positively identify. It has been the common understock for grafted roses longer than I can remember. Because it is only used as understock, it is not often seen blooming out in the garden. These are only blooming because the original scion died, and was replaced with sucker growth from below the graft. ‘Doctor Huey’ blooms profusely but only once in spring. It grows as a bramble, and can form small thickets if neglected long enough.P80602
2. Although not white, this pretty hybrid tea rose is probably my favorite of the six just because it is so perfect. I do not know the cultivar. It is not in the landscape, but is in the nursery, waiting to be installed into the landscape. Hybrid teas are the roses that I grew up with, so are my favorites.P80602+
3. I am not sure if this bicolored rose is a hybrid tea or a floribunda. I am guessing that it is a floribunda because there are groups of flowers blooming where I earlier deadhead the first phase of single blooms. It is out in the landscape, in the same garden with 4, 5 and 6 below. It is grown as a shrub. The others are grown as standard or tree roses.P80602++
4. This is my least favorite of the six because it looks like one of those trendy David Austin roses. The color is nice, but the form is weird. I will never understand fads. I know that hybrid tea roses were a trend or maybe even a fad at one time, but it was the trend that I grew up with, which is why they are what I compare all other roses to. This rose does not compare to them too well. It is grown as a standard or tree rose.P80602+++
5. This is also grown as a standard or tree rose, but in conjunction with 6 below. I mean that they are grafted together on the same trees. Individually, they are nicely formed roses with excellent color, but they look silly stuck together with the white roses. I could probably identify this rose if I wanted to, but I do not want to misidentify it. Except for the color, the rest of it grows just like ‘Iceberg’.P80602++++
6. This one looks just like ‘Iceberg’, and except for the color, grows just like 5 above, which it is grafted onto the same trees with (as I mentioned above). The white is perfect. If it were a hybrid tea, it would be my favorite of these six. I just prefer 2 above because it is such a perfectly formed rose on good stems.P80602+++++
This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:

16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Rose Parade

    1. What?! You aren’t supposed to vote for THAT one! It is a sucker! It is sort of fragrant, which I suppose makes it more fragrant than the others. The flowers are like those of carpet roses, in clusters with very short stems. Well, you have distinctive taste.


    1. #1 Doctor Huey is somewhat fragrant and #3 and #4 are slightly fragrant. #2 smells sort of rosy but in a bland sort of way. It is a hybrid tea, so is not expected to be fragrant. #5 and #6 lack fragrance.

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  1. If I have one to choose and smell, it would be the last … so attractive! The 2nd as you said seems so perfect …lovely too.
    I think some of mine (unknown varieties) look like #2 but rather red.

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    1. Sweet! A vote for the white one!
      #2 really is sweet too, and I think it is my favorite of the bunch. John F. Kennedy is my all time favorite rose because it is splendidly white, with the form of a red rose. I do not have a picture of it here though.

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    1. What? This again? There is not much to say about the fragrance, and certainly no fancy adjectives. Well, although it blooms briefly, #1 has a slight but pleasant fragrance, and might be the most fragrant of the bunch. #2 barely smells like a stereotypical rose. #3 and #4 smell prettier than #1, but are very faint. (I believe that both are supposed to be fragrant, but I must have gotten them at a bad time.) #5 and #6 lack fragrance.


      1. I don’t mean to talk you out of starting a meme. I just do not want to get involved with another one because I have difficulty keeping up with the one I already got involved with!


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