This is no home garden. It is the yard outside the various shops of the Maintenance Department where I work part time. It contains some of the salvageable plant material that we try to recycle from some of the landscapes from which it must be removed. Over winter, some plants get dug and relocated directly, rather than come to the yard. Otherwise, plants come here to get canned (potted) to recover, and then find a home.

Because no one sees our yard, we need not maintain it like we maintain the rest of the landscapes. Consequently, it collects a few weeds. Also, because there are other shops in the same buildings, there are a few unexpected odds and ends left strewn about by other types of professionals, such as the electrician. Hence, #6.

1. You know, when I took this picture, I though that the annual grassy weeds somehow looked pretty in front of the wild cucumber vine on the cyclone fence. I’m not the artsy sort; so will not try to explain it.P90511

2. Mixed in with the wild cucumber vine, which incidentally makes not edible cucumbers, this potato vine blooms, but incidentally makes not potatoes. Of course, I never dug it up to confirm that claim.P90511+

3. This rose, which might be ‘Simplicity’, has been here for a few years. No one remembers where it came from. It was supposed to get planted into a landscape while it was still dormant. Too late now.P90511++

4. This rose might be ‘Medallion’, but it is hard to say for certain. It is not as big as it should be. It was supposed to get planted while dormant too. There actually is a landscape that can use both of them.P90511+++

5. Shasta daisy has been blooming for a while now. You would think that it would be easy to find a home for this one, but it is still in the yard. It is big enough to divide into more plants if still here this winter.P90511++++

6. Spring bulbs are done now.P90511+++++

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:

23 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: The Yard

  1. Love that white potato blossom – your fav colour, I know, but I’m used to the blue. Would love to have a whole yard for plants, a space I didn’t have to share w/pets & people, altho I’m a bit fond of my pets & people.

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    1. It’s my favorite color, but not my favorite vine. there are better white flowers. I don’t know what it is about potato vine, but I am none too keen on it.


    1. Thank you. I am not certain if it really is ‘Medallion’, but the color is nice. ‘Medallion’ blooms with such big flowers that it is awkward. This one might be small just because it is potted.


  2. That Medallion rose seems like a perfect rose! My Shasta daisy is twice as tall this year as last. It was divided too. I’m not familiar with potato vine, it’s sure pretty.
    Love the bulbs!

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    1. I am actually none to keen on potato vine. I don’t know what I dislike about it, but it really does not impress me. I just took its picture because it looked good at the time.
      ‘Medallion’ is not normally as perfect as it looks. If that is what it is, it has the potential to bloom with awkwardly big flowers. I think that they stayed small because the plant is potted. The bulbs are the raddest.


  3. Aah, spring bulbs, always a good way to get the garden going. Love the roses in bloom. I think mine are still a couple of weeks away, Likewise my shasta daisies. Is the potato vine a weed? It has a lovely fresh flower.

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    1. Potato flower is not one of my favorites, but technically, it is not a weed. I mean, some people plant it. I don’t know where ours came from.
      Some of the roses in the landscape are delayed because squirrels took the first new shoots.


  4. Medallion – or whatever it is – reminds me very much of a rose that was here at my house when we first moved here almost 30 years ago. We don’t have it any longer, but it was so beautiful, with a lovely scent. No one ever knew what it was; people would ask if it was a Peace, but it didn’t look quite like that. Is Medallion a good smeller?

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    1. ‘Medallion’ is described as such, but I thought that the fragrance was rather mediocre. It was a nice fragrance, but no more pronounced than that of other ‘fragrant’ hybrid tea roses. I have seen similar roses about, and because I know of no other that looks like ‘Medallion’, I just refer to them all as such. They might be. I just do not remember it being so popular.

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