This is reblogged from ‘Felton League’, so some bits will be out of context. It is shared here because this is where all other updates about the Memorial Tree got posted.

Felton League

This is the best season so far! Because this is the first update on this blog, there is nothing here to compare the progress of this small Memorial Tree to; but links to older updates on another blog can be found at the older (reblogged) article, ‘May 2‘. Some of those updates link to even more updates. This little Memorial Tree has had quite a history in Felton Covered Bridge Park.

It is actually the fourth tree in this
particular spot. The original black oak was run over by a car many
years ago, leaving the site vacant for a long time. An Eastern red
cedar was planted on New Year’s Day in 2013, but later the following
summer, succumbed to what dogs do to small trees. A bigleaf maple was
planted the following winter, but also succumbed in its second year.

In the last few years since…

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