The landscapes are in surprisingly good condition after more than a month of neglect. Weeds are horrendous, but no more so than expected. They and the lawns are the priorities. Significant progress was made just in the last three days that we have been able to work. As busy as we are, I managed to get some nice floral pictures. Rhododendrons are still blooming, but will be the topic for next week.

1. Of the mere four cultivars here, this is my least favorite. The color and profusion of bloom are excellent. I just dislike how the floral form resembles those of the trendy David Austin roses.P00509-1

2. This cultivar is the only one that is in shrub form. All the others are tree roses (or standards). The profuse bloom resembled ‘Double Delight’ last year, but is completely different this year.P00509-2

3. Close up, it is more rich bright pink than distinctly reddish pink with white. It is fragrant like ‘Double Delight’ should be, although it does not seem to be as fragrant now as it was last year.P00509-3

4. The first (#1 above) is also different from how it bloomed last year. Its petals are not so densely packed. There are plenty of buds behind the maturing flowers. Performance is exemplary.P00509-4

5. Is this purple? Not only is its color odd, but it is grafted onto the same rose trees as the white roses (#6 below). It is too weird for my taste. Everyone else likes it. That is more important.P00509-5

6. As mentioned above, this cultivar is grafted onto the same rose trees as the purple roses (#5 above). To me, it seems to be the common ‘Iceberg’. I do like white, even if it is just ‘Iceberg’.P00509-6

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:

12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: (First) Rose Parade 2020

    1. Because we do not work around people, and our work is considered to be essential, we could have continued to work. We were without work (at the Conference Center) because we rely on revenue from guests who could not attend conferences of many people. We will be working in a limited manner long after others return to work. Even now, we do not really know how much we can work.

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  1. I’m a little surprised you haven’t been able to work — our landscapers have been working throughout the shut-down! I’m fascinated by the difference in appearance from last year to this — do you know why they changed?

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    1. We were unable to work because we rely on revenue from guests who attend conferences here, and all the conferences have been cancelled. Otherwise, we would have been able to continue.
      I really do not know why the roses change as much as they do. They did not do this so much in the climate of the Santa Clara Valley. I do not mind though, since I do not really care what cultivar they are. They are always pretty. Those that I dislike are the prettiest.


    1. That would be my favorite too, although I sort of suspect that it is ‘Iceberg’, which is not one of my favorites. I just think of it as a white rose, and that is good enough for me. I dislike how the purple is grafted onto the same rose trees with the white, but I maintain both together because everyone else like them like that.


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