Lily Rose Depp was just a little tyke when her father, Johnny Depp, graciously financed the installation of a herd of flowering pear trees as street trees in the neighborhood where she attended school with my niece. Lily Rose is such a delightful and horticultural name. I happen to be very fond of lilies. I also happen to be very fond of roses. I just do not like them together in the same garden.

1. Before it began to deteriorate, this lily looked like Patrick Star, the next door neighbor and best friend of Spongebob Squarepants, or perhaps Carl Junior in drag. It lives in the rose garden.

2. ‘Apricot Candy’ is a rose that I am not familiar with, but it lives here now. It is a hybrid tea rose, which I prefer. I also like the name. Apricots were a primary crop for the Santa Clara Valley.

3. This and #1 above continue to bloom within the rose garden, many years after almost all of the other perennials were removed from the site so that it could be redeveloped as a rose garden.

4. ‘Iceberg’, although white, is not my favorite rose for this week. As reliable and prolific as it is, I still find it to be mundane and cliché. Regardless, it is one of the best within our rose garden.

5. This is my favorite lily this week, not because of the color, but because it is ‘not’ within the rose garden. It is across the road, in a small garden of mostly perennials, where good lilies belong.

6. ‘Proud Land’, although not white like ‘Iceberg’ above, is my favorite rose this week. The rich red is exemplary of the color that red roses should be. This is one of three that I planted in 1984!

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Lily Rose and Flowering Pear

    1. Thank you. Although they are all pretty, I would prefer the lilies to be somewhere else. A few bits were left behind when the site was redeveloped as a rose garden years ago, and they matured into blooming bulbs. I could dig and relocate them, but never get around to it. Besides, I suspect that a few bits would be left behind to start the process all over again. I suppose they are good weeds to contend with.


    1. I was hoping that no one would ask. Apricot Candy and Proud Land are from my mother’s rose garden, so do not actually contend with the lily infestation. Iceberg was also, but will get added to the rose garden here. Since no one seems to mind the lilies coming up with the roses, they may never be relocated. I would prefer the symmetry and simplicity of a good old fashioned rose garden, but it is not my garden. In fact, we could add more perennials, although I will be very selective to avoid perennials that do not mix well with roses.
      Johnny Depp was very gracious to finance the installation of all those street trees at a time when so many other parents wanted the trees, but did not want to pay for them. I think he got frustrated by all the bickering, so just took care of it. Fortunately, after installation, he never wanted to help with the pruning like he is so well known for.

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    1. The color is good in that picture. It was paler earlier. It is notably fragrant when it opens. I am not familiar with it, and did not plant it originally, but suspect I will like it because it is a hybrid tea rose.

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    1. That group has done remarkably well. I did not expect that. A neighbor left us a bag of bulbs to plant somewhere in our landscapes. We put it where it is because it is in a prominent location next door to the Post Office, and because we figured it would be happy there.

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    1. The lilies were there many years ago. A few bits stayed when the rose garden was developed there. They grew into the bulbs that bloom there now. I try to consider how others see them, and that they do not see them as incompatible. They are not totally incompatible. I just dislike how they compromise the symmetry of the rose garden.

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