Brent, my colleague down south, plants street trees. He has been doing so for decades. Some of the older trees are quite mature now. Brent telephones me to tell me whenever the first trees on opposite sides of a street meet in the middle. It is like a graduation for that particular colony of trees. The various species mature at different rates, so they ‘meet’ over their particular street on their own distinct schedule. Brent watches them all, and attends all of their ‘graduations’. Anyway, that is what the first picture reminded me of.

1. Redwoods meeting friends over a road is not uncommon here. For compact street trees that got planted at the same time on opposite sides of an urban street, it is an indication of maturity.

2. Shasta daisies are not exactly friends. They are just two of many separate flowers on the same mature plant. They are composite flowers, so each one contains many tiny but distinct flowers.

3. Lily of the Nile, while piled with many friends, waiting to get groomed and moved to another garden, looks like Sigmund the Sea Monster should stay away from the Pacific Coast Highway.

4. Deodar cedar seedlings that grew where they could not live in an industrial yard were relocated to be with friends in a landscape a few years ago. Some, although not all, are now doing well.

5. Beau, the 1967 C10, has a friend also, named Bo, and he is a 1967 C20. Beau helped me bring so much of my old plant material from the Santa Clara Valley. Bo does not get around so much.

6. Rhody is man’s best friend. Like all of his colleagues, he is very committed to his career, which is, of course, his commitment to his colleagues. In this picture, he happily awaits their arrival.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Friends

    1. We actually refer to the event as ‘meeting’. It does not sound like much to anyone else, but Brent and I know what it means. ‘Graduation’ actually means something else. It is when a formerly juvenile palm blooms for the first time. The floral trusses of king palm resemble the tassels that we wore for graduation back in 1990.

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    1. Well, we just describe it as ‘meeting’, which sounds rather uneventful, but makes sense to us. It is like graduation in that it is a major event. ‘Graduation’ actually refers to the first bloom of a formerly juvenile palm. King Palm floral trusses happen to resemble the tassels that we wore for graduations, and are even the same color.


    1. Both redwoods are worth seeing. The coastal redwoods are the tallest trees in the World. The giant redwoods are the biggest trees in the World. They live in very different ecosystems, in very different parts of California.
      Incidentally, Rhody detests Beau, because Beau is very noisy and backfires. I really must rebuild the carburetor.

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      1. Rhody should be cruising in a Town Car within the next few months. We should be going to the Los Angeles region this autumn, but Beau can not come with us.


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