Well, I can not argue that ‘everything is as it should be’. Turkeys serve more of a purpose than food, although I can not figure out what their other purpose is. Coleus are so delightfully colorful that those with more discerning taste than mine enjoy new and ‘improved’ cultivars. Many of those same people with discerning taste also enjoy Japanese maple too much to consider options. Both my blue and white lily of the Nile are still the best! Yes, but . . .

1. Turkey belongs in an oven, or perhaps in a freezer. She should not be doing this at the shops as I write. At least she is not somewhere else shredding flowers or pulling up irrigation emitters.

2. Coleus reminds me why I dislike most modern cultivars. I would find this to be more appealing if I did not know what this is, or if I did not know the potential of good old fashioned coleus.

3. Coleus should look like this, which is more similar to how it looked when it was popular as a houseplant decades ago. My kindergarten teacher grew one like this in our classroom back then.

4. Vine maple should be more popular than Japanese maple is. I realize that Japanese maple is much more interesting and diverse. However, now that it is very popular, it is almost mundane.

5. Lily of the Nile should also bloom red, for a red white and blue bloom on Independence Day. There are plenty that bloom blue here. The first that will bloom white were added a month ago.

6. Rhody should cooperate when I need his help with an illustration. I needed a picture of mulch. I had visions of a stylish model in a Halston dress, leaning on a fender of a new 1972 Electra.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: How It Should Be

  1. For the first year I have been growing a coleus from seedlings and have to say I’m quite happy with the result so far, varied colors on all the leaves. Unfortunately it won’t survive our winter here; I will have to bring it indoors in the fall.

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    1. The seed used to be commonly available with some of the more rudimentary vegetable and flower seed that were available from supermarkets. When I was a kid, I did not know that they were bedding plants. I thought that they were only houseplants.

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  2. I have been using coleus to fill in spaces that needed color. In my climate they will actually reseed themselves and most come back true to their original color. I love your white Lilies of the Nile. My neighbor has white lilies with white azaleas.

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    1. Do you mean ‘real’ lilies, which might bloom along with the azaleas. That would be a lot of white. Both lilies and azaleas excel at white, as to lily of the Nile. Since white is my favorite color, I know that there are a few flowers out there that are better in other colors.

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    1. Unfortunately, they tear shingles off of roofs to get to the bugs underneath. They also pull out bedding plants. I get plenty of fertilizer from horses, who fortunately do not roam freely in the landscapes.


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