Goodness! For the first time in a very long time, I neglected to collect six pictures for Six on Saturday. Furthermore, after frantically assembling these random pictures that I had no use for otherwise, I posted them later than typical. I have a good excuse though. I am on vacation. Actually, I happen to be in Ilwaco in Washington. I will be meeting with the blogger of Tangly Cottage Garden later in the morning, so should have more interesting pictures for next week. I realize that I said that last week in regard to Rhody’s Roady, but as I mentioned, I presently have other very important priorities. By the way, I do intend to explain Rhody’s Roady!

1. After clearing away thickets of Himalayan blackberry and cattail, this drainage pond is allowed to fill for the first time in years. We might add lily pads and other aquatic plants.
2. Conical conifers that were available for live Christmas trees from nurseries go on sale after Christmas. This happy blue spruce, although expensive, was discounted by a third.
3. Flowering cherry continue to bloom. This picture was taken quite a while ago, but the particular tree and others like it were still in bloom on Wednesday. One was still in bud.
4. Camellia continue to bloom as well. Of course, many or perhaps most finished a while ago. Nonetheless, several often bloom rather late, or at different times from year to year.
5. Cymbidium orchid bloomed right on schedule, but its flowers last for such a long time that it seems to be right in the middle of the process. There are four spikes on this plant.
6. Collective bloom is spectacular, and individual flowers are compelling. It is pleased to bloom like this for minimal attention. I merely water it, then display it proudly in bloom.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Totally Missed It

    1. It replaced an interesting cultivar of white pine. For that situation, we want a dense and conical conifer that does not get too big. It will work out well, but it was saddening that the pine did not survive.


    1. Oh, yes, I did not remember that. I will not likely get many pictures though. I should have gotten many more while in Ilwaco (Tangly Cottage Garden territory), but did not think of doing so until I left. I am just none to punctual with taking pictures.


    1. Thank you. The orchid had at least twice as much bloom last year. It was so prolific that we sent it to live in someone’s office for the process. It would have been a waste to leave it in the yard.

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      1. Cymbidiums seem to perform better here than in Southern California, which surprises people. They appreciate a bit of chill to stimulate bloom. They get plenty of chill in the Los Angeles region, and even in the San Diego region, but they get a bit more here, and perform very well.

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    1. Oh yes, Rhody is awesome. He is enjoying our trip, although I am concerned that he might be concerned about how his crew will start their days without him. We really should have planned to spend a day in Ilwaco, so that we did not need to leave so hastily.


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