Okay, this one is just silly.

Tony Tomeo


If mushrooms could fly, they might look like this. Doesn’t it look like it is ready for take off? Maybe it looks like it is dressed up as a ghost for Halloween. I thought it looks something like the flying nun. Regardless of what it looks like, it was so weird that I took its picture.

I can not explain why it is in this weird position. It appeared just as the weather was warming up, and most of the earlier mushrooms were already gone or deteriorating. Perhaps the upper surface dried out a bit in the sunlight, and tightened up on the lower surface that remained more hydrated. Since I did not go back after getting this picture, I do not know what it did afterward, or how long it lasted. Perhaps it really did fly away!

This mushroom was just a few yards from where I got the…

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8 thoughts on “If Mushrooms Could Fly

    1. I barely remember it. Now that you mention it, this does look like those silly wimples. ‘Flying Nun’ is slang for deodar cedar, not only because it is shaped like a habit of a nun, but also because a minor tornado in Los Angeles pulled one up and threw it for a considerable distance.

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