Carson is Rhody’s Roady. Like most of the vehicles here, he is named after a place. Beau is named after ‘Beau’lder Creek (Boulder Creek) (although his name was actually derived from Hobo). Lee the Chrysler was named after Bever’Lee’ Hills (Beverly Hills). Roy was named after Gil’Roy’ (Gilroy). So, Carson is named after Carson City in Nevada. He took Rhody and I to the Pacific Northwest on vacation. We returned two and a half weeks ago with only a few pictures. These six are some of the last, which were taken during the last two days, as we drove back. The drive was totally excellent!

1. Douglas fir grows wild everywhere we went. Red maple is not native, but is very happy in a neighbor’s yard. This could have been a good picture if not photobombed by Carson.

2. Oregon white oak is likewise native to almost all the regions that we traveled through. However, we did not see many. Although uncertain, I think that these are some of them.

3. Mount McLoughlin is visible from only several miles of Highway 5. It seems to be too visible though. Scenery is obscured by dense forests elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

4. Mount Shasta is even more visible for many miles of Highway 5, not only because of a lack of dense forest, but also because highway 5 gets nearer to it. This was at a rest stop.

5. Apple trees were still being pruned where we stopped for the night on the return trip. The trees to the left are finished. The vigorous trees to the right are about to get pruned.

6. Orchard House was our lodging for the night. It was as grand as Cedar Lodge! Rhody, of course, is near the lower center of this picture. Carson, Rhody’s Roady, is to the right.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Rhody’s Roady IV (not Hedera) – Carson

    1. Several of these old volcanoes are neatly arranged between Mount Shasta and Mount Rainier, and beyond, but because of the weather, I saw only a few. I barely saw Mount Rainier during the week that I was near it. Mount Hood was obscured by clouds behind Portland for our trip back. On the trip up, I drove by it, Mount Saint Helens and Mount Adams at night. (Mount Adams and Mount Saint Helens are not visible from Highway 5, which we took on the return trip. We were on Highway 30 on the trip up.) Mount Lassen seems to be part of the group, but is technically a different sort of volcano. Mount Shasta is the most spectacular of the bunch from the highway.

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  1. When I drove north from California I always stopped overnight at Mt Shasta – the town. It was at the spot where the miserably dry heat of California ended and cool, green Douglas fir country started.

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    1. Yes; and Redding to the south often seems to have miserable weather. It is typically either very hot and dry, or freezing! It was not bad for this trip though, either coming or going.

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