Fresh tree ripe peaches are best.

Of all the stone fruit trees like apricot, plum and cherry, none need more aggressive and specialized pruning while dormant in winter than peach, Prunus persica. The distinctively fuzzy fruit is so big and heavy that the weight of too much fruit tears limbs down. Pruning not only limits fruit production, but improves structural integrity, fruit weight distribution, fruit quality, and tree health. Mature trees should be kept less than ten feet tall, but often get twice as tall with much of the fruit out of reach.


2 thoughts on “Peach

  1. I love eating all the stone fruits so am grateful people pay so much attention to growing them. I recently saw a new (to me) type of mulch at a flower show that I thought at the time was walnut shells, but looking closer, I now think is peach pits. I wonder if it would soon be sprouting peach trees if spread in your part of the world.

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    1. Peach pits would make a very coarse and heavy mulch. If ground into a finer texture, they would not be viable. A long time ago, while orchards still inhabited the Santa Clara Valley, there was an entire industry based on apricot pits. The kernels were roasted for culinary application, like almonds (they are toxic while fresh). The shells were pulverized for barbecue briquettes and other fuel. The industry did not last long, since it was not economically feasible. (Processing and pulverizing the shells consumed too much energy.) In more modern history, walnut shells were used to stuff ‘plush toys’ (which used to be known as ‘stuffed animals’).


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