The preponderance of white amongst these ‘Six on Saturday’ is merely coincidental, and might not be obvious anyway. Only #2 and #4 are actually white. Contrary to its cultivar name, #3 is really very pale yellow. As stylish as he might be, #6 is quite obviously gray. #1 bloomed with tiny white flowers earlier, but its berries are now as red as #5. Anyway, with the exception of #1, their timing is less than ideal. #2 and #3 are performing better than they have all year, but will not last for long now that the weather is cooling. #4 and #5, although slightly confused, should still bloom splendidly in season. #6 was not there in the morning.

1. Ilex aquifolium, English holly is doing nothing that it should not be doing at this time of year, but is rarely so prolific with its berries here. It might be more invasive if it were.

2. Brugmansia X candida ‘Double White’, double white Angel’s trumpet is likewise a bit more enthusiastic than it typically is, but at the wrong time, as autumn becomes winter.

3. Helianthus debilis ‘Italian White’, Italian white sunflower is blooming like the angel’s trumpet, at the wrong time. It grew slowly through summer to begin blooming this late.

4. Rhododendron, azalea of an unidentified cultivar is either very late or very early. This unseasonal bloom deducts from the bloom for the following season, but is rather minor.

5. Rhododendron, azalea of another unidentified cultivar bloomed even earlier, or not so late, as this is an older picture. The minor consequences are the same. This white is rad!

6. Kenny II waddled out to meet me as I went out to close the gates for the night, but did not seem to do so intentionally. He stopped waddling when he encountered me, so I left.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Bad Timing

    1. Both do what they do whenever they please, so perhaps this is not as odd as it seems to be for here. I was just impressed by the profusion of holly berries because they are not so productive here. Also, the late bloom of the sunflower got my attention because I would have preferred the bloom earlier during summer. It is now getting ruined by the rain.

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    1. White is my favorite color, and is appropriate to the white garden. I only recently procured cuttings for a single white cultivar, as well as more for the single yellow ‘Charles Grimaldi’ from the Osbournes. I want the single white for my own garden, but may not install any at work. It is not a vigorous plant, and the bloom is not as fragrant as that of the other cultivars. A single pale orange cultivar may likewise never get installed at work, because of its minimal fragrance and oddly very pale color.

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    1. Opossums can be annoying, but are generally tolerable. If they eat some fruit, they do not take all of it. They mostly live outside, so do not come inside to damage the home. Best of all, they are omnivorous, so eat slugs, snails, and even baby rats! Because they are nocturnal, they are not often out during the day.

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    1. Brugmansia should eventually get frosted. The frost may not hurt it, but is likely to ruin the foliage. I do not mind that it blooms late, but would be pleased if it bloomed earlier when it should.


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