Amy Carter had the most boss treehouse in an Atlas cedar.

My generation can remember when Amy Carter, the daughter of former President Carter, got a treehouse built in a mature Atlas cedar, Cedrus atlantica, at the White House. It was so cool that it was ‘boss’! Besides being more luxurious than a typical treehouse, it was designed by President Carter to not damage the tree even slightly.

Here in the west, most Atlas cedars are cultivars (cultivated varieties) with blue foliage that often rivals that of Colorado blue spruce. Most have strictly horizontal or angular limbs with stiff, densely foliated branches. Some are so pendulous (weeping) that they need to be staked to be kept off the ground. They actually look great trained along the tops of retaining walls, even without staking, with their blue foliage cascading over. Others are strictly upright and narrow. Colorado blue spruce may have better color; but Atlas cedar has more interesting variation of form.

It is also better adapted to the local Mediterranean climate than spruces and other conifers are, and gets much larger. Mature Atlas cedars can get as tall as a hundred feet, with trunks as wide as five feet.


8 thoughts on “Atlas Cedar

  1. A presumptuous friend planted an Atlas in our front yard – northeast side – half acre property, while we were away about ten years ago. It’s mighty. Small cones for such a massive tree. We never took bottom limbs off so it was a treacherous mow around – tough scratchy branches – until we gave it a very wide base circle of rocks & pebbles. We’ve grown to love it.

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    1. Small cones? I suppose so. I did not give it much thought. I do not see many. Deodar cedar does not make many cones either; but now that you mention it, when it does make cones, they are significantly larger than those of Atlas cedar.


    1. Everyone seemed to like Amy Carter back then, when President Carter was still President. She wanted to be the first female president at a time when such a concept seemed to be far fetched.


      1. I think that she decided to stay out of all that drama in favor of a private life, which sounds great. I think just being involved earlier was enough, and was encouraging to other good people who were disgusted with politics of various sorts.


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