Bloom has been conspicuously absent from my Six on Saturday posts for the past several weeks. Severe weather had prevented me from performing my horticultural obligations, and then prevented me from processing pictures after resuming my obligations. As I was able to post last week, I merely posted six pictures of why I neglected to share pictures of horticultural relevance for previous weeks. Finally, I can share a few pictures of some of the bloom that I have neglected. I am impressed that some of it survived so much severe weather. Incidentally, the weather has been totally awesome since the storms stopped as suddenly as they started. Zayante Creek flows as it typically does for this time of year, as if nothing happened. The water seems to be unusually clear.

1. Camellia japonica cultivars are sufficiently numerous here for a month or so of Six on Saturday. Some bloom profusely but briefly. Some bloom sporadically for a long season.

2. Camellia sasanqua cultivars are less numerous, but might be sufficient for two weeks of exclusive Six on Saturday presence. This one is ‘Christmas Cheer’ blooming a bit late.

3. Narcissus is too botanically complicated for species designation. This is possibly ‘King Alfred’. Experts might be able to identify its species or hybrid. I know it only as daffodil.

4. Iris X germanica is also botanically complicated. This unidentified cultivar wastes no time recovering from seemingly early division last September. I am very pleased with it!

5. Scilla peruviana, squill was still canned when we noticed it blooming! We neglected it while busy with the weather. The best is now planted. The rest awaits gopher mitigation.

6. Rhody is very pleased that his crew has been able to resume their normal duties, such as providing treats and petting, without all the stress associated with the severe weather.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Bloom!

  1. The pink Camellia is gorgeous and doesn’t look in the least ruffled by the weather you had. Lovely to see a daffodil and iris in flower too… our winter is extremely grey and flowerless at the moment, so every bloom is a wonder. Great to see Rhody too. 😉

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    1. The weather was extreme only because the rain was SO abundant. Except for rotting flowers, rain does not bother camellia much. I do not know what to think of the iris. I am pleased with whatever they decide to do, but would prefer them to bloom in profusion a bit later, rather than early and sporadically. During normal weather at this time of year, such bloom would not last for long. I also hope that they get a bit taller. They could be short ‘bedding’ iris. I am not so keen on purple, but everyone else is, and for this situation, purple is an ideal color. (I am not so proficient with selecting color.) They were relocated here before they were completely dormant last year, so may take some time to recover, and could perform differently next year. If we relocate any this year, I will do so at a more convenient time for them.

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    1. Yes, they are quite reliable. Unfortunately, both of the camellia that I got pictures of are very overgrown, so must be pruned back after bloom. Those bulky flowers are a slipping hazard on the pavement that the limbs now extend over.

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    1. I do not know what to expect from these new iris. They were relocated here a bit early last year, before they were completely dormant. They may be misbehaving while they recover. I really do not know. I hope that they get a bit taller and bloom a bit later next year. Only a few are blooming now, so those that bloom later may be more typical of their cultivar. I am very pleased with them regardless. Those who work in the adjacent offices like the rich purple color.


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