The small hesper palm that was taken from my garden last August has returned. A colleague directed me to it, at the home of one of his neighbors. I appropriated it without inquiring about its presence there. I suspect that it was taken as random ‘greenery’. However, if the neighbor actually wants a palm, I may provide one that is more appropriate to the particular situation. Since I got only a single picture of the recovered hesper palm though, my Six on Saturday for this week are completely random.

1. Hesper palm would not have been happy here in the shade of a redwood forest. It happened to be just across the driveway from where the kitties of ‘Cat Burglar’ live. It is back at home now.

2. Windmill palm is more impressive. It will be dug and canned for a former resident of the now abandoned house to the left. My date palm seedlings came from the compost pile at this home.

3. Dracaena palm (which is not actually a palm) was too big and tall for me to relocate from the now abandoned house, but not too large for gophers to relocate. They put it right onto the eave.

4. Deodar cedar was relocated three years ago, without the assistance of gophers. Most met a most unfortunate fate with a weed eater. This specimen got established slowly, but is happy now.

5. Gnomes annoy me! I do not know why this appeared in one of the landscapes, but it will go into the trash if not removed. My statue of Saint Francis, in my own garden, offended a neighbor.

6. Rhody does not allow me to get too annoyed. He is posing with mulch because mulch was the topic of the gardening column when this and a few other formerly unused pictures were taken.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Hesper Palm Reunion

    1. Yes, it was just outside a back door, just as it looks in the picture. One of the two missing bamboo was near the front door. I do not want the bamboo back, but I do not want it planted in the neighborhood either! I am concerned about where the other bamboo went. The windmill palm will get canned into a large tub, like the black vinyl cans that nursery stock gets grown in, but bigger. I think of ‘cans’ as the #1, #5 and #15 (1 gallon, 5 gallon and 15 gallon) sizes, as well as the odd sized in between; but I consider sizes larger than that to be ‘tubs’. I will therefore ‘can’ the palm into a ‘tub’ rather than a ‘can’.

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